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• Straight 및 Coudé®(curved)
• 말단 팁의 베벨 개구부
• 부착 가능한 날개

RX Coude®

Designed for traditional and transforaminal catheter introduction, the RX Coude facilitates a safer and easier passing of the catheter through the neuroforamen. In the caudal approach, the curve helps to avoid hitting the anterior wall of the sacral canal.

RX Straight

The patented RX Epidural Needle is designed to help needle tip placement and positioning of the epidural catheters. The bevel opening at the distal tip is shorter than a standard Tuohy Needle. The RX rear heel is rounded to resist catheter shearing during placement. These needles are radiopaque with visible depth markings and arrows printed on the hub to indicate direction of the bevel.


Length: 3.5" (8.75 cm)

105-1415 (15g RW)
105-1416 (16g TW)
105-1418 (18g TW) for use with the Versa-Kath®

Length: 4.5" (11.25cm)

105-1515(15g RW)
105-1518 (18g TW) for use with the Versa-Kath®

Length: 6.0" (15.2cm)

105-1615 (15 TW)
105-1618 (18TW) for use with the Versa-Kath®

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